Rocking the Referrals

Do you know what brings us joy? Referrals. That means our quality, professional roofing meets or exceeds your standards. We’re over here rocking our air guitars.

As a thank you, we created our Referral Program to celebrate you when you refer us to your family and friends.

  • Cow Bell – $50 reward for completed jobs $2,000 – $6,999
  • Air Guitar Solo –  $100 reward for completed jobs $7,000 – $14,999
  • Mic Drop – $250 reward for completed jobs $15,000 and over

If your referral does not meet the amount qualifications, you will still be eligible for a $25 reward. Jobs must be completed AND paid. 

Terms: You must be 18 years of age to participate in the Referral Program. Referral must be submitted prior to the first inspection. No limit to the number of referrals. Eligible for roofing services only. The referral reward will be paid once Mountain Roofing has received a cleared final payment from the referred customer. Referrals are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you and your cousin both refer your aunt, whoever submitted the referral first will receive the reward. Offer not valid for employees or vendor partners. Referral Program subject to change without notice. Program begins March 15, 2023.

Let’s Rock Those Referrals

Give us a call. Let’s set up an appointment.

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